Online auction laboratory and pilot plant equipment due to closing of former R&D factory - March 2021

Start: 10 Feb 2021 14:00
End: 17 Mar 2021 14:00
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Online auction laboratory and pilot plant equipment due to closing of former R&D factory.

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Netherlands, Utrecht Benschop 3405 CB Benedeneind Noordzijde 322
Benedeneind Noordzijde 322
3405 CB
Benschop - Utrecht
10 - 11 : GEA Tank pilot plant

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Part of pilot plant to mix - pasteurise- deaerate - homogenise - mature - cool all kind for dairy products like cream-yoghurt -desserts. Ideal to do tests on product and ingrediënts. This part consists of incubation tanks. The skid mounted unit exists of 4 tanks of 40ltr each, insulated and double jacketed for heating and cooling. Each tank has the posibility to be heated and cooled independently, the temperature can be set and a control valve (make Bürkert) controls the media flow in the jacket of the tank. Steam/water/hotwater/icewater. Each tank has an agitator, temperature and pH (acidity) sensor. Temperature and speed of agitator are controlled by 4 small panels at each tank. The outfeed pump from these tanks is a twinscrew pump which can handle thin to very viscose products and is variable speed (make Jung, model: Hyghspin 50 NL, year: 2012) The tanks are CIP cleanable, a self-priming CIP pump (make Fristam) and the needed pipings are included. The unit has a simple control panel and frequency converter on every agitator and outfeed pump which makes it flexible. The products is pumped to the pasteuriser skid (item 13 in this auction) to be cooled by a plate cooler. All flexible by various swingbend pipes. Unit desigend and made by GEA, year:2017,.Flow charts and manuals with item lists available.
4 x 40 ltr
Manufacturing year
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Lopik, the Netherlands
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Lopik, the Netherlands

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Start time 10 Feb 2021 14:00
Closing time 17 Mar 2021 14:10
Starting bid per unit € 6.000,00

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