Pre-auction of various equipment due to closure of FrieslandCampina cheese production plant

Start: 26 May 2021 14:00
End: 16 Jun 2021 14:00
Auction description

First auction of the equipment of a closed cheese production plant. A larger auction will follow.

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By appointment only

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Netherlands, Noord-Brabant Rijkevoort 5447 PE Hoogeindsestraat 31
Hoogeindsestraat 31
5447 PE
Rijkevoort - Noord-Brabant
15 - 40 : Separator + pasteurizer for milk

This auction is closed, biddings on the lot are no longer possible

Hermetic Alfa Laval milk skimmer separator, self-cleaning. Including: bowl, motor, motor cover, base frame, sludge collecting cyclone, pneumatic counter pressure valve skim milk, counter pressure valve cream, temperature sensor oil,  OWM. Inlet pressure 2.5 up to 6 bar. 17.2 liter sediment space in bowl which means that the separator can operate longer without cleaning. Including water control cabinet. flowtransmitter for cream, Excluding tools.  Including lay-out, P&ID and the spare parts manuals.
Milk pasteurizer for skim milk, full automatic. Existing of: balance tank executed in stainless steel with level sensors and a  spray bowl for CIP. 3 centrifugal pumps with a stainless steel cover. Plate heat exchanger, 4 sections, 2x regeneration. Temperature scheme: 4°C - 55°C (outlet to the separator) - heating up to 65°C to max 95°C - Cooling down to the outlet at 4°C. At 95°C the capacity is maximum 25.000 liter per hour. Including hot water preparation set from steam on a separate skid. This set includes a steam control valve (Samson) and a stop valve.  Steam/hot water heat exchanger, condense trap, water circulation pump and an expansion vessel. Including holding tube of approx. 180sec which is insulated and wall mounted, flow diversion valve, icewater valve and sensors. Excluding controls. Including lay-out, P&ID and the spare parts manuals. Lot subject to allocation.
Alfa Laval
Separator: HMRPX518-hgv. Pasteurizer: Clip 10
25.000 - 32.000 ltr./h.
2.5 - 6 bar
Manufacturing year
Separator: 1985. Pasteurizer: 1995
Serial number
Separator: 4065908. Pasteurizer: 30101-23075
Separator: Motor: 22 kW Air tight design Bowl speed: 3.850 rpm. Pasteurizer: 4 pumps in total: 2 pcs of 4 kW 1 pcs of 7.5 kW 1 pcs 5.5 kW Total power: 21 kW
Conditions of delivery
Viewing location
Rijkevoort, the Netherlands
Pick up location
Rijkevoort, the Netherlands
Country of origin
Lot data
Start time 26 May 2021 14:00
Closing time 16 Jun 2021 14:50
Starting bid per unit € 40.000,00
Seller has to agree with the sale

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