Auction of various cheese processing equipment due to closure of FrieslandCampina cheese production plant - dismantling included

Start: 22 Jun 2021 14:00
End: 13 Jul 2021 16:00
Auction description

Auction of the processing equipment of a closed FrieslandCampina cheese production plant in the Netherlands. All prices include dismantling.

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Netherlands, Noord-Brabant Rijkevoort 5447 PE Hoogeindsestraat 31
Hoogeindsestraat 31
5447 PE
Rijkevoort - Noord-Brabant
16 - 109 : Cheese Curd preparation line

This auction is closed, biddings on the lot are no longer possible

Curd preparation line. Still located in the dairy, had been producing until the 1st of October 2020. Existing out of: 5 closed curd makers of 18.000 liter nominal volume, max 18.500 liter filling. model Double O, Curdmaster, double jacketed and insulated with cutter, stirrers electric driven. Whey suction sieve in the top of the vessel. round manhole 500mm. Spray bowls for CIP cleaning, breather. In and outlet valves, light. Placed on 6 complete stainless steel conical feet. Each vat has its own Siemens control panel mounted on top near the manhole and a Motor Control Cabinet (MCC) with frequency converter mounted on the wall. The machine controls go through all steps of the curd making process automatically, only rennet is dosed manually through the manhole. All steps can be monitored and adjusted in control panel mounted on top of the vat. Various recipes can be programmed and stored. The line has also an interceptor to create vacuum for whey suction. Including a valve manifold with approx. 90 automatic valves for whey, curd and CIP and also the pumps for CIP and whey are included. Including the stainless steel walking frame around the curd vats. The line also has a hot water and additives set. There are 2 curd wash water tanks. To prepare and store warm water which is added in the cheese making process. This set has also 15 valves, 3 pumps and 2 tubular heat exchangers. The dosing system includes. 2 dosing pumps to pump the rennet to the tap points,. Calcium is dosed automatically by the dosing system. The line is including all interconnecting piping, controls, spare parts and documentation.
5x 18.000 liter per batch 35.000 tot 42.000ltr/uur milk in. Up to 4.500kg cheese curd/h.
Manufacturing year
Serial number
510-6057 BT02 /3/4/5/6
Lot data
Start time 22 Jun 2021 14:00
Closing time 13 Jul 2021 14:35
Starting bid per unit € 350.000,00

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