About us

About us

Dairy & Food Machinery Auctions (DFM Auctions) has been active and specialized in auctioning dairy and food machines for the professional market since 2018. Our objective: bringing together supply and demand. 

DFM Auctions falls under the family company Lekkerkerker Groep and is a sister company of Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment. With over 20 years of experience in dairy production and technology, we have built up an extensive network in dairy production. For us, organizing auctions is a logical step for bringing together supply and demand more.

Thanks to our broad knowledge of dairy and food machines, we can make a realistic valuation of the machines and provide the buyer with the correct, transparent information. We are very flexible and highly focused on service. After all, it is important that both the buyer and seller are satisfied after each auction, and that is our goal. That is why we offer many additional services and take care of as much as possible for you.

Because we are broadly oriented, we can always find you the machine you are looking for. Even when you do not buy a lot, we can consult a very large selection of machines to find you the machine you need.


Why buy through DFM Auctions?

  • Over 20 years of experience in dairy production and technology.
  • Which means you always have the right information, condition, and imaging. What you see is what you get.
  • We immediately show you what the final price is, no uncertainties with fees, disassembly costs, etc. You receive a clear and honest price.
  • Calculating the target prices for machine overhaul, so that you know what to expect
  • We offer the possibility of helping with disassembly, loading, transport, and export papers. With our own disassembly team, we have disassembled and later reassembled machines in hundreds of factories.


Why sell through DFM Auctions?

If you have a production line or complete factory for sale, we will get the most out of it for you!

We do this through:

  • Extensive market knowledge:

With over 20 years of experience, we have built up a lot of knowledge in the market of dairy production and technology.

  • Lots of attention for our buyers:

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of dairy production and technology, we can inspect and assess the machines that are being auctioned in the right way and offer the buyer an honest machine. We offer buyers additional services as support for our products.

  • Our worldwide network:

We have over 10,000 decision-makers, such as technical managers and directors within the food industry, in our database. This network is built up within our group, in which we are active in the field of purchase, sale, and revision of dairy and food machines.

  • Marketing expertise:

Through global advertising, we reach the largest possible group of interested people for your auction.

  • Disassembly of machines:

We can take care of the complete disassembly and emptying of factories independently and in the right way. With our own disassembly team, we have disassembled and later reassembled machines in hundreds of factories.

  • Leaving the factory hall fully cleaned


It is also possible to have a single machine auctioned during one of our annual stock auctions. We have our own auction hall which takes in machines that can be auctioned from there. The market determines the final price. We ensure sufficient marketing activities to bring your machine to the attention of the right people.

Auction your machine

You deliver the lots, we provide the services! Learn more about our 5 step approach.

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