On this page we give you an overview and explanation of the functions of this Internet auction site.

1. Register
You can view the auctions at any time without being registered, but to place a bid you must first have registered.
To register, click on the Registration button. You will first be asked for your name and address. Your e-mail address will be used to send you the activation code for activating your account. Fill in this code, together with your username, and click on Activate. This activates your account, and you can then log in, place bids, monitor lots etc. Depending on the auction settings, your details may first have to be activated by the auctioneer. If verification is needed, you cannot place a bid until your username has been activated by the auctioneer.

2. Bidding
There are three ways to find a lot of your choice:
- By the Product Groups
- By lot number
- Using the Search Page

All the information is given for each lot, such as:

  • Name
  • Product Group
  • Lot Tracker: click on this and you can monitor the lot via "Lot Tracker" in Your Account
  • Category: the category to which the Lot belongs
  • Current Bid: latest highest bid
  • Lot Number: the number in the catalogue
  • Opening Bid: the bid whichs starts the Auction 
  • Number: the number of products in this lot
  • Number of Bids: the number of bids placed
  • Remaining Time: time until the auction ends
  • Starting Date: the date and time that this auction started
  • Ending Date: the date and time that the auction will stop
  • Lot Subject To Reserve: this lot must achieve a minimum (reserve) price before the sale becomes definitive
  • Description: a description of the product to be auctioned
  • Picture: one or more pictures of the product to be auctioned
  • Your username: the name with which you are logged in
  • The Next Bid: the minimum bid that you must place in order to bid successfully
  • Static Bid: your bid is displayed immediately
  • Proxy Bid: you state the maximum you are prepared to bid, and bids are automatically placed for you with minimum steps

3. Your Account
You can change your password, e-mail address and address details at any time by going to Settings. In the navigation bar on the left-hand side are the links to the relevant pages:

  • Your control panel
  • View bid limits
  • Your details
  • Change password
  • Lot tracker
  • Your credits
  • Contact us 
  • Log off

4. Search.
To simplify the search for a specific lot, please enter at last three caracters.The search engine will look for it in the lot names and lot description.

5. Costs
In addition to the bid sum, you also pay auction costs and VAT on the goods that you have bought. The percentage of the auction costs can vary from one auction to another. The VAT percentage is determined by the type of goods that are offered.

6. Allocation Subject To Reserve
A number of lots must reach a minimum sum (reserve price).  If the current bid is lower than the minimum sum, the text "Reserve price not yet reached" is shown below this. If the current bid is the same as or higher than the minimum sum, then the text "Reserve price reached" is shown. Only if the bid is the same as or higher than the minimum sum will the lot actually be delivered.

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