Auction your machines

You deliver the lots, we provide the services!

Auctioning your lots through DFM Auctions is easy and straightforward, so that you do not have to worry about the selling of your machinery.

Our activities consist of five steps

  1. Getting to know you

After we receive your request we will approach you to get to know you and your lot(s). Close communication is key in our provision of services. After our thorough assessment of your machine(s), we will formalize our cooperation by sending you an offer and confirmation.

  1. Preparations
Once the cooperation has been formalized our team starts the preparations by making an inventory of the lots to be auctioned. The preparations include:
  • visitation of the location;
  • inspection of the lots;
  • providing detailed descriptions of your lots containing all information that is relevant to you;
  • the taking of good promotional pictures to be published on the website;
  • our advice on the minimum price and bid scale;
  • agreements on viewing days and pick up days;
  • the active promotion of your auction on our website and through regular advertisements.
These preparations take place in narrow consultation with you. On your approval, the auction will be published on

  1. Auctioning

We provide the online auction platform and take care of the proper execution of the auctioning process. This includes the close monitoring all bids we receive on your lots. Only registered bidders are able to bid. Also, potential buyers can reach out to us should they have any questions related to the auction or to the lots.

  1. Sealing the deal

When the auction is terminated, we inform the highest bidders on each lot to let them know they won it. We will also inform you with a first indication of the auction proceeds. Afterwards, we send (proforma) invoices and schedule appointments concerning the collection of the goods. We pay close attention to the fulfilment of all payments within the set term. The sold lots can never be collected in case payment has not been fulfilled. In case of export, we arrange the required documentation.

  1. Final invoice

Once we have received all payments we will approach you to send us the final invoice.

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Auction your machine

You deliver the lots, we provide the services! Learn more about our 5 step approach.

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